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Green mobility collective agreement benchmark

Statistical analysis and advanced search engine of collective company agreements concluded in the field of green mobility (clean vehicles, cycling, carpooling...)

Since September 2017, in France, all collective agreements concluded between social partners are available on the Légifrance platform (government platform with updated laws and jurisprudence). This unprecedented approach was a response to a twofold intention:

  • Making the results of negotiations accessible to all, in the same way as laws and jurisprudence ; 
  • Encouraging the sharing of good practices between companies for the identification and implementation of innovative measures.

Unfortunately, the search engine provided by the Légifrance platform is too imprecise and insufficiently intuitive for these objectives to be achieved.

Convinced of the invaluable value of efficient access to this information, Sia Partners has designed an automated tool to search and analyze the content of collective agreements, offering :

  • A thematic search in the content of collective agreements ;
  • A thematic approach based on the approximation of related terms ;
  • An intuitive interface allowing to apply cross-filters (company size, region, collective agreement, signatory trade union organizations, etc).

There are numerous applications made possible by structured exploitation of this open data, in particular :

  • Analyzing and understanding how companies provide operational answers to human resources management issues (employment, training, compensation, employee representation, etc.) and societal issues (professional equality, social responsibility, sustainable development, etc.)
  • Identifying trends and new or innovative mechanisms emerging from collective negotiations in companies
  • Rethinking collective negotiation by providing discussions between company management and trade union organizations with a concrete and substantiated vision of the provisions adopted by other companies that are comparable in terms of size and sector of activity
  • Easily access to collective agreements by theme, sector of activity or company size

The demonstration of the bot focuses on the analysis of themes related to green and responsible mobility in companies (financial support for mobility, electric vehicles, cycling, carpooling...). The tool can, of course, be used on all types of themes.

If you want to know more about our AI solutions, check out our Heka website:

#Human Resources

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