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Payer's behavior and credit scoring

Leveraging billing data to anticipate future clients' defaults

Artificial intelligence has become an essential opportunity to enhance the value of the many data sources related to the invoicing process.  

  • The analysis of client and billing data is decisive in order to identify customers at risk.  

  • The clients type diversity and their specificities complexifies any manual review

  • The risk of corporate default will increase in the the future due to the potential end of the exceptional support measures linked to the Covid-19 crisis   

Our approach: use the AI as a lever to accelerate this analysis and extract key risk information from billing data 

There are several usual challenges encountered in identifying clients at risk:  

  • The analysis of client data is challenging, and its consolidation is time-consuming, with data that often remain untapped.   
  • The lack of consideration of the payer history.  

The AI in response to the challenges encountered by your teams:  

We used a dual approach: an overview of your client portfolio and invoices data; identification of clients at risk. Our tool allows you to target at-risk cleints using our prediction models in order to anticipate possible future defaults.   

We designed an interface centered on the user:   

1 – an overview of your customer portfolio:

We have developed an AI that calculates the probability of default for each client's invoice and the expected loss in the event of default.  The key indicators are present in order to offer a quick overview of the portfolio trends. A clients list is integrated to easily identify the clients at risk.  

2 – a detailed view by activity sector

A detailed view by activity sector is included. It allows for insights portfolio subsets in order to support decision-making.  

This view can incorporate any other criterium such as the contract type or payment methods.

3 – a detailed view by client  

A view specific to each client and including key indicators, a list of associated invoices and other in-depth analyses.  

If you want to know more about our AI solutions, check out our Heka website:  

#Banking #Insurance #Energy & Utilities #Manufacturing #Procurement & Sourcing #Marketing & Customer experience #Application #Dashboarding #Machine Learning

Reg Review
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Reg Review

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Fraud Detection

Fraud Detection

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Loan rates benchmark